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The EY 2017 Global Payroll Survey offers the largest number of responses we've had to date: 287 participants from 19 different countries globally, representing over 20 industries.

Organizations display a strong mix of background coupled with a diverse representation of company size. Although the average respondent population was just less than 14,000 employees, responses range from smaller niche companies with less than 500 employees, to larger organizations with nearly 500,000 employees. Throughout the portal, please use the filter options to customize result findings to your organization.

What is your job title?

What is your current job title?
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In which country is your company headquartered? (Top 5)

In which country is your company currently headquartered?
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Which industry sector best aligns to your company? (Top 5)

Which industry sector best aligns to your company's primary business?
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How many employees do you employ globally?

Approximately how many employees do you currently employ globally?
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