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With 43% of respondents indicating their top priority is to implement new HR technologies, it stands to reason that a large portion of these technologies focus on realizing new benefits from their main HR system of record. Top initiatives include upgrading the existing HR master system (21%), implementing a new HR master system (18%), implementing additional self-service functionality (18%) to meet the demands of empowerment of a new generation of workers while also improving accuracy and efficiency by minimizing handoffs, and implementing an integrated talent management solution (18%) to address the increasing use of the contingent workforce to meet evolving talent needs.

The use of emerging digital technologies (RPA, IoT, AI, blockchain, chatbots, etc.) is reaching critical mass across many parts of the organization. Interestingly however, our survey results suggest that HR may be slow to adopt them. When asked whether organizations currently use or plan to use new technologies, only a quarter (26%) of survey respondents indicate that they are using RPA and only one in five (21% and 20%, respectively) is making use of blockchain and AI. While these numbers do appear low, EY as a whole is seeing higher usage enterprise-wide, with many organizations choosing to conduct proof-of-concepts within other areas of the business and incorporating HR once proven results are achieved. As a result, by the next iteration of the survey, we expect to see these technologies more embedded within the HR organization.

What is your main HR technology priority this year?

What is your main HR technology priority for this year?
Base: All respondents excl. don't know (n=)

What is your primary HR master system?

What is your primary HR master system?
Base: All respondents (n=)

Do you currently use or plan to use any of the following technologies in your organization?

Are you currently using or planning to implement any of the following disruptive technologies in your organization?
Base: All respondents (n=)