In recent years, payroll providers have listened to their customers and begun to identify and deliver ways of meeting global payroll needs. Whether expanding their solutions to encompass new countries or developing new reporting layers to tie together existing systems, providers have taken strides to meet the payroll marketplace that continues to focus on globally consolidated providers and global reporting.

Yet, payroll providers are only beginning to recognize the competitive advantage that a simplified process could give them. The workforce is increasingly demanding a workforce experience that replicates their consumer one: easy to use and navigate, full of insight and responsive. Those providers which tweak their services to enable this, will be rewarded with increased loyalty and sales.

Despite the strides global providers have made, there is obviously room for improvement as only slightly more than half of organizations surveyed would recommend their current payroll provider to others. This coupled with the overall vendor performance rating of 3.39 out of 5, indicates that on the whole, organizations continue to understand the need for their vendor, but simply tolerate the relationship.