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In an environment where organizations are accustomed to legacy on-premise solutions that accommodate a high level of customization, 29% of organizations surveyed say they use a custom-developed time and attendance technology platform. 18% use a time and attendance module as part of their ERP platform, and another 18% use a combination of custom-developed and commercial systems. Only 10% say they use a time and attendance solution provided by their payroll vendor. This implies that companies have not yet finalized the business case to move to a new system for time and attendance – however as solutions continue to improve within HR Information System suites, we expect the trend to turn towards the use of already contracted systems to meet time and attendance needs. The trend to note in this space though, is that organizations are moving towards less customized cloud solutions that may have integrated modules or stand-alone systems that integrate well with other stand-alone systems that best fit the needs of the organization.

How would you describe your current time and attendance technology?

Which of the following statements best describes how you would describe your current technology environment relative to time and attendance capabilities?
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